A struck meditation on the softness of our bodies in hardening times.”

Radage ▽ Hardaker by B. Sebastian, co-director ]performance s p a c e [, 2019

“Amazing and full of such kindness...I am very grateful for having seen it.” 

Ro Hardaker by Kate Kiernan, Audience Member, Dublin Fringe, 2016

“Startlingly intimate; a performance that all but demanded silence and attention.” 

Radage ▽ Hardaker by London City Nights Review, 2016 

two of the UK’s most intriguing and searching body based artists.” 

Radage ▽ Hardaker by Live Art Bistro, Leeds, 2015.

“….challenging, provocative/evocative, both highly personal yet accessibly universal, tangibly embodied and achingly beautiful in [their] humanness and simplicity, dealing aptly with uncomfortable contemporary issues.” 

Ro Hardaker by Alexandra Zierle and Paul Carter, Artists, 2015