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nasty village people lighting fires and causing mayhem eating junk food like rodents

part of live art bistro’s performing britain, Leeds 29th-30th March 2019

Part sunbathing holiday, part public space occupation, part coffee morning, part funeral to the hopes and dreams of a generation. We are totally making this up as we go along, but we may as well enjoy going down with this sinking, colonial vessel. Join us as we mourn our easy access Spanish Summer Holidays. Watch us set a dazzling new trend. Be amazed as we create our new national realities. It'll be quintessentially British; very embarrassing, but we'll act like we love what we're doing and it's good for us. We'll be punishing ourselves for our collective mistakes, but it'll be fun, whilst we are able to hold back the tears.    

Tea, fruit squash and biscuits served throughout.